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A terrible old joke in the Australian resources sector is that the scale of any employment downturn can be measured by the number of geoscientists driving taxis. Despite expectations, it appears they may be spending a bit more time behind the wheel.

Sandvik AutoMine loading automation system the key to its $60M mining equipment fleet deal for Falco Resources' Horne 5 gold and copper project in Canada.

Despite not expecting a profit until 2019, Canada’s McEwen Mining is targeting S&P 500 listing in 4-years and profit before that

The resignations of its two senior executives add further complications for African mining specialist Acacia Mining, which is still locked in a stand-off with the Tanzanian government over wild allegations of tax evasion as it tries to make sense of a settlement proposed on its behalf but apparently without its involvement.

Major global metals hedge fund Red Kite has launched legal action against big bank Barclays over the fund’s $850M copper trading losses

Rio Tinto chiefs accused by SEC of hiding negative value of its Mozambique coal acquisition at the expense of investors over fear of damaging their own reputations after Alcan acquisition impairments. By MBM Correspondent

Decade high zinc prices has new and existing explorers/producers scrambling to list and/or raise big money to secure production on a shortage-based strong price outlook

Centennial Mining is moving ahead with its strategy of establishing multiple ore sources for its Porcupine Flat in the Australian state of Victoria by commencing production from the underground Union Hill mine. By MBM Correspondent

Glencore and its Aussie partners are in refinancing talks over the $3B they owe the world’s biggest coal terminal on Australia’s E coast.

Gemfields auction of Zambian emeralds introduces new traceability technology to world markets.


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