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Indian and Chinese fertiliser producers are adding senior and junior potash producers/developments to their existing off take agreements. Rod Nickel reports

MINE SCIENCE: Scientists in Western Australia may have come up with new uses for at least some of the millions of tonnes of mining waste, as cost-effective measures for water treatment. Aaron Fernandes reports

WEEKEND READS: Global mining survey challenges the greenies’ belief that mining is inherently anti-environmental. John Feary reports

AMMG is now looking at a pilot plant to further develop its high purity alumina process after isolating 150Mt at its Australian projects. Mark Mentiplay reports

Ambitous plan to restore past glories of Katanga copper giant and revive a nation. Clara Ferreira-Marques and Jonny Hogg report

Despite the physical coal market shifting to Asia, it's highly unlikely coal trading will take off there. It will require govt regulations to allow buyers to actively trade and hedge. Reuters market analyst Clyde Russell reports.

59% of South African platinum mines in marginal or loss-making position in 2012. Wendell Roelf reports

Mining investment doesn’t like the noise of tanks and boots, says one politician as rebels combine and range out of their traditional areas. Jonny Hogg and Clara Ferreira-Marques

Global mining adviser RPM has concluded a strategic J/V with an Indian major to tackle the region’s rapidly expanding mining market.

Watchdog hails transparency initiative after allegations of graft and mismanagement. Saliou Samb reports


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators