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The devil is in the detail with proposed native title amendments, and that detail is not clear enough, AMEC’s Simon Bennison says.

The mining company chief who spent seven years under house arrest for political activism in South Africa’s apartheid era is
about to swap the resources sector for politics

Uncertain environment as Gold Fields lists South African assets as Sibanye Gold. Sherilee Lakmidas reports

China and US consumption underpin aluminium market expectations

The headline belies the seriousness of the alcohol/drug scourge that is growing within Australia’s mining/construction sector. A look at a special rehab centre in Thailand’s Chiang Mai. Mark Mentiplay reports.

The low-skilled migrant labour force that built South Africa’s mining sector profits is the past now seen as hurting productivity and fuelling labour tensions. Ed Stoddard reports

The deal by the world’s second biggest miner further validates the benefits of precious metals streaming in unlocking the value of by-product silver or gold production. John Feary reviews the deal and the reasons behind it

The Queensland floods could cost up to 6Mt/month in lost coal production, but nowhere near as bad as 2010/11, say new reports.

A physical coal futures plan, instead of South African declaring coal a strategic asset, could save many small miners going to the wall. John McGarrity reports.

A test for the global miner’s new CEO as Mongolia looks to step up state ownership and taxes on mines. Terrence Edwards and Sonali Paul report


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators