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Two weeks after he was catapulted into the top job, Rio Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh’s decision on an under-performing Australian refinery could be a pointer to how he will run the global miner. James Regan reports

Freeport faces unusual lawsuits take over planned acquisitions, but they’re unlikely to derail the deals. Tom Hals reports

A new product from Arafura’s commercialisation of its big Australian rare earths project has been given a big tick by key international end-users.

Treaty brings first global attempt to overcome mercury’s threats to human and environmental health. John Feary reports

US investors seeking a refuge from economic uncertainty have cleaned out the US Mint of its 2013 silver bullion coins

Price pushing or supply boosting? Commentators weigh in on BHP’s surprise iron ore purchase.

Germany’s secret gold reserves are about to come in from the Cold War. Eva Kuehnen reports

Australian coal industry call for climate policy to be shaped alongside the reality of global energy demand. Everything else is just a sideshow, says Australian Coal Association CEO Dr Nikki Williams.

Palladium market to be in deficit for 2nd year in 2013, but analysts expect higher prices to trigger sales from large stocks. Jan Harvey and Rujun Shen report

Thomson Reuters GFMS analyst Rhona O'Connell gives a personal assessment of the 2013 world market outlook for gold


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators