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Widespread poor safety culture central to the 29-death Pike River coal tragedy, according to prominent resources journalist Ross Louthean, who covered the story from explosion to royal commission.

Despite the world economic gloom, Wally Graham is finding reasons to be confident at the Mining 2012 convention in Brisbane

New, automated mining equipment cuts costs and boosts safety as miners dig deeper in more remote areas. Julie Gordon reports

On his way home from the Cambodian gold project, Renaissance Minerals managing director Justin Tremain stopped by the Resources Roadhouse to update Wally Graham on the company’s recent activities

The Inside Story: David Crook of Pioneer Resources talks to Resources Roadhouse’s Wally Graham

Outgoing Anglo American chief executive Cynthia Carroll hopes more female executives will find a place in the world’s top boardrooms, but warns against “token women”. Natalie Huet reports

MINING SCIENCE: Overpaid, over-sexed, over here? Researchers destroy the myth that fly in, fly out mine workers are causing increased incidences of sexually transmitted diseases. Rob Payne reports

A recently released study provides an entrancing glimpse of the potential benefits offered by the mining sector for the Canadian province of Ontario

The world’s leading miners are reviewing billions of dollars of new projects. Now may be time to return more of their cash to shareholders through dividends and buybacks. Maytaal Angel and Clara Ferreira-Marques report

Iron ore shipments to China rose 4.1% in September, and early bookings pushed copper imports up 11%, but it may be too soon to start cheering. David Stanway reports


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators