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WEEKEND READS: Copper stocks in Johor jump 800% as Glencore seeks to lock up metal to generate rentals. Eric Onstad and Melanie Burton report

MineINVEST: $1B equity raising planned to fund initial mine development. Sabrina Lorenzi reports

Saskatchewan's new tax regime to save miners millions of dollars. Rod Nickel reports

MineINVEST: In a market where exploration funding is tight and getting tighter, Stratex is relishing the opportunities for its systematic business approach to exploration. John Feary reports

MineINVEST: ‘Tremendous value’ available in historically low precious metals equities, investor says

When it comes to cutting costs, big miners are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Clyde Russell reports

Lawyers and consultants the only ones who will benefit from new Australian native title legislation: AMEC

Spread mostly by social media, new disruptive anti-mining actions by the grassroots “Idle No More” aboriginal protest movement are spreading. Julie Gordon and Allison Martell report

Mining the past leads explorer to new potential projects. John Feary reports

Indian government moves forward with divestment drive to avoid a credit rating downgrade


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators