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Mining Science: If a time error of 10 nanoseconds is too much, your GPS is about to get some good news. Nic White reports

It’s an Alaskan gold rush with a difference, inspired by a popular TV reality show. But the detritus of the original rush 100 years ago may have deadly health impacts. Yereth Rosen reports

Has the commodities boom that underpins Australia’s economy died? It’s a question exercising Australian politicians, commentators ... and market analyst Clyde Russell

Australian industry leaders are trying to focus on the economics of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam decision, but politics keep getting in the way

Barrick’s new CEO means business and is serious about abandoning the grow-at-all-costs mantra.

Awaruite, a naturally-occurring nickel-iron alloy, is being eyed as a potential new, commercial nickel source. Mark Mentiplay reports.

Coal traders are now concerned defaults by key China coal importers could trigger another price plunge. Jonathan Saul and Fayen Wong report.

Big miners fail on 2nd quarter fundamentals. Is reality replacing hype? Mark Mentiplay reports

Mining Science: Research is bringing more information to the growing debate about the personal, family and community impacts of the massive growth of fly-in fly-out employment structures in Australia. Rob Payne reports

Poverty stricken Sudan needs to boost its gold production to keep the economy afloat. Ulf Laessing reports


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators