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CHINA’S new dominant role in the global silver market looks set to continue, says new report.

High turnover is a massive problem in Australia’s fly-in fly-out mining sector, but a survey debunks some of the popular theories about what causes it. Lily Yeang reports

Lawmakers ponder first royalties on US mineral production. Patrick Rucker reports

Wally Graham of Resources Roadhouse takes an in-depth look at Ventnor Resources

New research identifies ant and termite nests as potential indicators to buried gold deposits. John Feary reports

Wally Graham of Roadhouse Resources profiles Mutiny Gold

New approaches to building information modelling offer improvements on megaprojects as well as public sector/commercial projects. Marion Lopez reports

Mining is more than digging: MineIT looks into a report on how mining technology and innovation are pushing Western Australia towards a knowledge-based economy.

Mining successes prompt authorities to aim for more diversity ... as well as the Canadians. Gabriel Stargardter reports

Iron ore price slump slows development in Canada’s remote sub-Arctic region, tumbles the share prices of the Trough’s junior producers. Julie Gordon reports


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators