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Like the famous Pathfinder bomber squadron of World War 2, UK company Pathfinder Resources has fought a disciplined and tactically astute war to regain control of its Mozambique resource assets. On the eve of what could be the final, decisive encounter, John Feary plays war correspondent

Fight against illegal mining is turning India from iron ore exporter to importer. Manolo Serapio Jr and Siddesh Mayenkar report

Mining magnate Gina Rinehart echoes her father's calls to back the Australian mining sector. James Regan reports

Only 22 new Aussie minerals resources floats in 2012, 9 of which raised $3M or less and half now trading below their offer price

Union turf war shows signs of flaring again. Olivia Kumwenda and Wendell Roelf report

Australia’s equities decision makers need to go back to school and learn the risk truths about some leading African mining states, according to Impact Minerals boss Dr Mike Jones.

LME stocks of aluminium are at
near record level as market swamped with surplus and producers destock at year-end. Melanie Burton and Eric Onstad report

Increased FIFO operations and more remote exploration/development puts the spotlight on an innovative aviation risk standard to protect workers. Mark Mentiplay reports.

New database being made available to industry promises to make Australian mineral and resource exploration a significantly less risky activity. John Feary reports

China may play a larger role in the progress of Greenland than Europeans and North Americans find comfortable. Alistair Scrutton reports


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators