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Ease back on capital spending, more cash for shareholders? Switch market focus to commodities under-supply rather too much product chasing slowing demand. Reuters market analyst Clyde Russell reports

Fighting between Congolese soldiers and rebels is hurting international efforts to stop the flow of blood minerals from the region. Ed Stoddard and Joe Bavier report.

The teams have been picked and the venue decided for the battle between the Indonesian Govt and a mining company with much more at stake than the initial $US2B purse. Mark Mentiplay reports

A UK court battle between a tycoon and the “king of diamonds” gives a colourful insight into the world of business buccaneers. Avril Ormsby reports for Reuters.

Prominent Australian explorer Andrew Woskettt proposes national resources fund, underwritten by profitable mining operations, to provide capital for the cash starved junior end of the resources sector.

Mining Science: Software packages are all set to change the face of mining. Tony Malkovic reports

Mining Science: A plant that is a serious environmental and economic weed in many countries may hold the clue to treating seriously polluted mining wastewater.

For many companies, Mali has been just about the ideal West African target for mining investment: a strong democracy and welcoming environment for investment – but it all might be threatened following last week’s coup.

Mark Mentiplay on a cautionary tale about investing in Indonesia.

Mining Science: The next 26,000 years of geothermal energy lies below our feet. Rob Payne reports


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators