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Foreign mining companies are targeted by new legislation being debated this week that could end over 30 years of relative calm that helped build Tanzania into Africa's fourth largest gold producer while providing over 1M jobs and a significant contributor to the national economy.

Emeco turns its equipment rental focus back to Australia after negotiating exits from Canadian and Chilean fleets.

Foreign miners are expected to take the brunt of new Tanzanian mining legislation that will force miners to renegotiate contracts

Sibanye Gold's drive to starve out illegal miners who have been stealing ore and draining productivity from its Cooke Operations in South Africa has resulted in the arrest of 472 people, but at what cost?

Mkango Resources expects its Malawai rare earths project to be producing into a peak price market in 2020

Pilbara Minerals gains $15M cornerstone project funding from government 'green bank' for its Pilgangoora lithium-tantalum development. John Feary reports

Foreign-owned South African mining companies are gearing up to fight tougher new black participation rules for their operations

New Argentine mining tax/regulation changes to attract mining investment already raising doubts

Australian copper producer CuDeco credits a return to its master project plan for delivering the first signs of a turnaround in the performance of its Rocklands mine in Queensland.

Avenira has laid out a new two-stage strategy promising increased production and longer mine life for its Baobab phosphate project in Senegal.


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators