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Globally, the mining and metals sector – the industry responsible for the extraction of minerals, metals and precious stones from the earth – is worth over $US2,000 billion a year. Corporate activity in the sector (eg, mergers and acquisitions) exceeds $200 billion a year.

Driven by the world’s fierce demand for commodities, mining has become, more than ever, an interconnected world industry. Thousands of companies operate across continents and regions, and their need for news is international.

As a major contributor to world and national economies, the sector needs informed and timely coverage of events and decisions that affect everyone involved in the sector – miners and suppliers, service providers and investors.

As mining journalists for over 20 years, the principals of Mining Business Media have long recognised the need for more professional and responsive media coverage of the sector.

They are supported by an international team of strategically located, specialist mining journalists and commentators to provide fast, accurate coverage.

John Feary

The former managing editor in charge of listed publisher Aspermont’s mining and trade publications both online and print with more than 20 years’ experience in mining journalism


Mark Mentiplay

A leading mining and business writer with more than 30 years’ experience on metropolitan newspapers and major specialist mining titles